How It Works

Tinnitus can disrupt even the most relaxing sounds, making it difficult to find peace and unwind. Tinnisleep aims to address this issue by employing unique features to create a harmonious blend of sounds to alleviate tinnitus.


Sound Source

The sound source will form the foundation of the soundscape. Pick one of the categories and select your preferred sounds.


Settings: Intensity

Tinnisleep assists in harmonizing your tinnitus using the power of harmonic equalization. Find the perfect balance between the sound source and the effect.


Settings: Harmony

A spectrum of tunable harmonious frequencies is now added to the sound. Adjust the pitch to make your tinnitus blend in with the soundscape's harmony.


Settings: Notching

Additionally, a frequency notch is applied. A band of frequencies will be cut from the soundscape to help it further embed your tinnitus.



The harmony's voicing and octave can be fine-tuned, and movement can be added with modulation effects. Each combination offers a distinct sonic experience.



The timer ensures a smooth, gradual fade out of the audio, preventing any sudden interruptions. Immerse yourself in the soundscape and let it gently fade as you relax and unwind.

"I really enjoy the calming sounds. It allows me to relax and not think about anything. That combined with being able to ease the tinnitus is a huge hack. For me it’s 30 mins of no brain activity, which oftentimes is difficult to reach if you have tinnitus."

Lucas H.

Tinnisleep User


Explore the theory and techniques behind Tinnisleep to maximize the app's potential. Still have questions?

The Impact of Tinnitus and How Tinnisleep Can Help

Tinnitus is a complex condition often aggravated by stress, anxiety, and sleep disturbances. Tinnisleep aims to break the cycle of frustration and helplessness by empowering you to take control of your tinnitus experience. The app helps you create personalized soundscapes to alleviate these factors.

Is Tinnisleep effective for reducing tinnitus symptoms?

The effectiveness of Tinnisleep may vary depending on the individual and the severity of their tinnitus. However, many users have reported finding relief through the use of Tinnisleep's personalized soundscapes.

Tinnisleep’s Innovative Approach: Resolutive Harmonic Masking

With a unique technique we call ‘Resolutive Harmonic Masking’, Tinnisleep introduces a spectrum of narrow equalization bands, infusing harmonious frequencies into the sound. This approach addresses the challenge of tinnitus remaining distinct even in the presence of regular masking noises. By harmonizing the tinnitus frequency with additional frequencies, Tinnisleep eliminates the odd one out effect, promoting a sense of integration with the soundscape.

Fine-Tuning Tinnitus Relief: How Tinnisleep Adapts to You

Tinnisleep doesn't offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, it empowers you to fine-tune settings to discover what works best for your tinnitus. The brain's natural ability to perceive harmonic relationships allows the harmonious spectrum to create a sense of resolution.

Leveraging Harmony for Tinnitus Resolution with Tinnisleep

Harmony carries an inherent capacity to evoke emotions, particularly when it achieves resolution. Tinnisleep leverages the concept of resolutive harmony to elicit feelings in the user's mind. Through consistent use of the app, individuals can associate this harmony with a profound sense of resolution in their experience of tinnitus, reducing its impact.

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